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Calisthenics Workout – Beginners Guide

Calisthenics Workout Video – All right, let’s get stuck into a warm up, it’s just a super quick warmup with four exercises and we’re actually going to start down on the floor. So the first exercise you’re going to come down onto your stomach place your elbows beneath your shoulders, spread your fingers out wide and place your hands flat on the floor and then from here we’re just going to peel our chest up and push and then come back Down and gently place your elbows back onto the floor now you can do this exercise as fast or as slow as you want to. Of course, this is just your warm up, so it’s an opportunity to get your body and your mind ready for the workout ahead. Now we’re here for 30 seconds, so we’ve got just over 10 seconds left.

If you want to make this a little bit more challenging just going to pull your hands back about an inch and then push up as well all right. That is our exercise done for our next exercise: we’re going to work from a plank into a downward facing dog, so you’re going to go up into a high plank position, hands beneath your shoulders and then you can keep your legs bent. You’re just going to push your hips back up towards the ceiling, try to really get a stretch out, push them up nice and high and then come forward into that high plank position and we’re just going to keep moving through this at our own speed.  Calisthenics workout feels good.

For another 15 seconds, or so, if you want to you, can start to straighten out your legs, you might even want to paddle your heels. If that feels quite nice for you, you can make this movement your own back into that high plank last, one beautiful all right next exercise we’re actually going to roll over and we’re going to work just into some basic glute bridges. So feet are about hip distance.

Calisthenics Workout

Apart get those heels on the ground, you can put your elbows in to support you and you want to scoop your pelvis up towards the ceiling, get a nice squeeze here and then come back down. Try to avoid letting your bum actually touch the floor. You just want to scoop up and then back down, and you can just do again as fast or as slow as you want.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

We’ve got another 10 seconds here. Maybe make these a little bit faster, now make sure you’re getting that nice squeeze keep your heels pushing through the floor, and that is you done we’re moving on to the last exercise of our warm. So we’re going to come up onto our feet. You’re going to take your feet out nice and wide toes, pointing slightly to the edges of the room and we’re just going to do some side to side lunges.  Calisthenics workout pushes all the muscles.

So you’re going to sit back, keep that chest nice and high and we’re just going to move from side to side. If you want, you can add a bit of a reach warm up through the sides. You can always use your hand to support your leg. Nice work – we’ve got 10 seconds left here, maybe start to go a little bit deeper sit down a little bit further.

We’ve got five seconds and we’re moving into our main workout nice job guys last one awesome work, all right have a 30 second rest, and I will see you for round one all right. Let’s get stuck into some work, so we’ve got a workout that consists of three rounds and each round is going to have six different exercises which we’re going to do for 30 seconds and have a 10 second rest. Each round I’m going to make them progressively harder, but you can always stick to whatever level suits you now.

The first exercise is going to be on the floor and we’re going to do pushups, but instead of doing our regular pushups we’re going to do some tricep ones and focus on building up this tricep muscle and to do that. We’re going to have our hands in a diamond shape, so you’re going to place your hands in that shape on the floor and we’re going to come out nice and long staying on our knees and the focus is to come down and bring your chest towards that Diamond shape and then push back up. You want to keep your core nice and strong.  Calisthenics workout helps your core.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

So you want to brace your core as, if someone’s going to come and punch you in the stomach and keep it nice and strong there and then really focus on bringing that chest down towards your hands rather than your head and we’re only here for 30 seconds. We’ve only got about five seconds left. This is your last one: push up beautiful. Now we’re going to come straight up onto our feet and we’re going to work into some lower body and do some squats.

Calisthenics Workout

So feet are going to come hip distance apart and we’re going to have our toes and knees, pointing in the same direction so slightly out to the corners of the room. You can put your hands where you like them. I like to have them here in front of my chest: I’m just going to sit back.

You want to try and keep your knees, pushing out. You don’t want them to collapse in and then push back up. If you find you struggle with this, then you might want to put a chair or something behind you to sit on and then push back up through your heels.  Calisthenics workout stretching helps.

You want to aim to keep your chest up nice and high and just keep that core nice and engaged and strong nice work. We’ve got five seconds left and then we’re going back down to the floor again. Awesome work right. Let’s hit the floor, we’re going to work into some core work with some side planks.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

Now, I’m going to do modified side planks. So don’t panic, you’re going to have your elbow beneath your shoulder. You can come up.

Keep this bottom knee on the floor and you’re going to keep your foot on the floor as well, and this is all we’re going to do. You can have your hand wherever you like it. If you want it on your hip or if you want it down on the floor to help support you, it is completely up to you. What I want you to focus on is keeping this hip lifted up towards the ceiling.

We just want to keep that as high as possible. The whole time we’ve got just under 10 seconds left. It goes super super quickly.

By the way, I best warn you if hugo comes and joins us at some point, I wouldn’t be surprised because he’s in the room, all right, you are done and we’re going to switch sides and just head straight over to the other side. We don’t want to neglect that and again keeping that right knee on the floor coming up and we’re just going to support ourselves with our foot on the floor as well, and we’re here for another 30 seconds. Don’t forget: keep that hip lifted nice and high towards the ceiling. Calisthenics workout to the ceiling.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

That’s what we want to focus on want as much space between our side here and the ground. Keep it lifted nice and high we’re going to be rolling onto our stomachs and doing some back work in a second. We’ve got five seconds here. Three two one: nice work all right: let’s roll onto our stomachs we’re going to start with the beginner version of a back extension so face down on the floor.

Calisthenics Workout

We’re going to have our hands come to our side and from here we’re just going to pull up and then come back down. Here comes hugo. I thought he’d come at some point.

Hopefully he doesn’t cause too much habit. So he’s going to pull up only to where he’s comfortable and then come back down. Keeping those feet on the ground only got a few more seconds. Nice work.

Let’s do two more and two good job, all right. We’re moving into our last exercise. Each round goes super super quickly and we’re going to do some quad holes, so hands are going to come directly below your shoulders knees below your hips curl, your toes under and then from here.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

All we’re going to simply do is keep a nice neutral spine and lift our knees off the ground for about one inch not far at all, and the idea is we just want to maintain this. We want to maintain a nice neutral spine. We don’t want your head to be cocked up like this or crouching down, just try to keep it.

Looking about a foot in front of you, keep that core nice and strong and try not to let your knees come up or sink down. If you need to have a little rest, of course, have a little rest, but we’ve only got three seconds left two and one awesome work that is round one done easy, peasy go and have a one minute rest, and I will see you back here for round Two all right guys, let’s get stuck into round two and we’re starting with those tricep pushups, so we’re going to head over to the floor, and I just wanted to give you a quick overview of the pushup because obviously we’re doing them on our knees. At the moment, that’s because I wanted this to be a no equipment workout, so we’re going to just be using the floor, but you can actually do these on an incline and that is probably going to be the preferable way of doing it.

So, let’s set ourselves up, hands are going to be in that diamond shape, we’re going to come out nice and long and then focus on bringing our chest down to our hands. If this is too difficult, you can always bring your knees in and just work like this. But if you are able to stay nice and long, keep a nice long line in your body chest down to your hands and then push back up.  Calisthenics workout will make you feel better and stronger.

Don’t forget! Keep that core, nice and strong don’t see it to breathe so breathe in on the way down out on the way up, nice and strong three seconds left two and one and we’re moving into our next exercise. So up on your feet, we’re going to do our squats! Now! Last time we did body weight squats. If that’s good, for you stay there – calisthenics workout.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

Calisthenics Workout

Otherwise you’re going to come with me, I’m going to do some prisoner, squats, so hands behind your head. We’re going to start testing our mobility a little bit here and we might start to speed it up because we know what the exercises are. We know what’s coming so, if you’re comfortable too, then we’re going to speed it up a little bit, otherwise just stay where you’re at and just progress in your own time, nice work, we’ve got 10 seconds left here. Keep that core nice and strong.

When I talk about core think about really bracing, as if someone’s going to come and punch you in your bracing for impact last one beautiful work, all right, we’re heading down to the floor into our side planks. We can stick with the modified version and I am going to have a modified version still, but this time, as a slight slight, more slightly more difficult way of doing it, we’re going to bring our hand up towards the ceiling. So don’t forget hips coming up, but also now our hand is going to be coming up too.

So we’re just really pushing up as much as possible. Keep that core, nice and strong. Don’t forget always brace your core, create that intra abdominal pressure that we want in all of our calisthenics workout exercises.

Don’t let that hip, droop down we’ve got you’ve, got five seconds left here and then we’re switching to the other side beautiful work. Let’s quickly switch around that knee stays on the ground come up and up as well, and we are here for 30 seconds. You can use this as a bit of an opportunity to rest a chance to breathe and just enjoy it. I can see hugo he’s making his way over here again.  Calisthenics workout today.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

He is desperate to cause some trouble. All right. We’ve got 15 seconds left, don’t let that hip drop, keep it up nice and high eight seconds, then we’re going to be moving into our back extensions. So we’re going to come in face down onto the floor.

Nice work, that’s done so rolling onto our stomachs last time. We were here this time we’re actually going to squeeze back as we peel off the ground. Are you ready so hands extend out in front of you you’re, going to pull back, create a w shape, really pull your elbows together and then come back down? Try to avoid touching the ground again stay up, peel, that chest up, squeeze back and then back down beautiful work. Again, it’s only 30 seconds.  Calisthenics workout a bit more.

So it’s not a huge amount of time. We’ve got 10 seconds left. We can do a couple more here.

Let’s do two more last one really big squeeze peel up nice and high and done awesome and we’re moving into our last exercise. These rounds go so quickly we’re doing our quad holes so set yourself up hands beneath your shoulders knees beneath your hips. This time hands are going to come out about a foot in front and we’re going to stay here.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

But I want you to try and maintain that neutral spine, so we’re just spreading our center of gravity a little bit bigger, making that exercise just a little bit harder. Try not to let those knees come up. You want to keep them nice and low, just kissing the ground really really close.

Calisthenics Workout

Keep that core strong. If you need to have a rest, have a quick rest, but we’ve got three seconds left two and one awesome work. All right guys go have a sip of water. I will see you back here for our third and final round, all right guys.

This is it. You are killing it we’re in our third round we’re going to start with our push. Ups, I’m going to do mine.

Well, I’m going to attempt to do mine on my toes now if you’ve noticed that this variation feels harder than regular pushups you’d be right. It is a lot harder we’re using a bit of a small muscle, or at least putting a bit more emphasis on that muscle, and also our center of gravity is a lot smaller. So we’re going to set ourselves up whether you are here whether you are out stretched long or whether you’re on your toes with me.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

We are going to do this together. We’ve only got 30 seconds so set yourself up nice, strong core, we’re going to come down and then push back up nice work. If you find all of these too challenging, you can just go back to your regular pushups. So hands come slightly outside of your shoulders and you’re, going to have your elbows, no more than 45 degrees from your body.

It’s completely up to you. You’re training, make it your own. That’s the most important thing with calisthenics just have a bit of fun and do what you enjoy as well.

It’s always going to be challenging your body in some way. We are done with those we’re going to be up onto our feet into our squats before we did prisoner squats, or you were here with bodyweight squats, we’re now going to take it up a little bit of a more level and we’re going to do some advanced Ones so you’re going to have your hands over your head, we’re going to start bringing a bit of mobility in so everything else is the same, but you’re just going to have your hands up in a y shape and you’re going to try and keep that chest Up nice and high in terms of how far you’re coming down you want to break parallel with the ground and then push back up through those heels, really spread your weight through your feet and come back to I’m nice work. We’ve got five seconds left here. Calisthenics workout is good.

Let’s do at least one let’s do, one more squeeze it in awesome work. We are now hitting the floor to do a bit of core work, going to do those side planks now before we had our hand up in the air. If you’re with me we’re going to be there, but we’re also going to bring a leg up as well, so up onto our knee hand up and we’re just going to pull this up here and keep it there for the 30 seconds. If you want to make it even harder, you can do some taps you’re going to tap down and come back up.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

Calisthenics Workout

You want to try and keep a nice straight plane here. So imagine, you’ve got glass in front of you and you have to stay there. So you can’t come forward or come too far back we’ve got seven seconds. Let’s do a couple more here and then we’re going to switch over to the other side, always important, not to forget the other side when we’re working with one side flip around set yourself up elbow underneath your shoulder.

Hip comes up nice and high arm up. If you’re with me – and here this still requires a lot of coordination, so if you find that you’re a bit wobbly or you’re just not quite here yet that is totally fine. You can support yourself.

A little bit have your hand on the hip there’s loads of different options. Again, it’s just about finding what works for you right now and slowly and surely you will get to be able to advance and progress them all right. We’ve only got seven seconds here.

It goes super quick and then we’re moving into our back extensions. Two and one nice work. Let’s roll onto our stomachs have a little breather this time.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

We’re going to do our squeeze backs, but we’re also going to lift our feet off the ground. So set yourself up. Hands come out in front of you as you pull back you’re, going to squeeze your elbows back together and your feet are going to come off.

The ground too and then come forward and back every time you can try and make that just a little bit bigger peel the chest off the ground and then back down nice work if you’re still where we were at the beginning, you’re here and I’m here with You don’t worry, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this you’re still going to get just as much benefit. That’s our rest! We’re actually moving into our next exercise, which is our quad holes, so we’re going to set ourselves up if you want to come with the most advanced version, we’re going to come an inch off the floor and what we’re going to try and do as stable as Possible is tap our shoulder with the alternative hand, so I’m going to cross over trying to minimize any side to side movement. So to do that, you really need to brace your core.

Calisthenics Workout

You really need to think about tension and control, try and make it nice and slow otherwise, you’re here or you can come into that extended version here when you’ve got four seconds left. Let’s do a couple more and you are done nice work guys. I don’t know about you, I’m starting to get a little bit warm so go grab yourself, some water towel off, and I will see you back here for the calisthenics workout cool down.

We are done all right. Awesome work today, guys, let’s do a super super quick cool down. Let’s start with our upward dog, we did this at the beginning to warm up so you’re going to come face down onto the floor.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

You can have your hands underneath or your elbows, underneath your shoulders even hands flat on the floor and just push yourself up. If this feels a little bit easy because your body’s warmed up and ready to go, you can put your hands underneath your shoulders and you’re going to come up here. Just think about looking straight ahead sinking those hips down a little bit.

It doesn’t have to be too active. This can be quite a passive movement, so just sink into it and enjoy it. If you really want a little bit more, you can come up onto the tops of your feet.

Beautiful work, a couple more seconds here and we’re going to push back into child’s pose, so knees are going to come out slightly and we’re going to sit back into our hips and then sink our chest down. If you can get your chest down to the floor, great keep your arms stretched out. Otherwise you can just stack your hands here and place your head. This is a super relaxing one.

I practically watch tv in this position. I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but I bought a new microphone and it’s one of the ones I can wear. So I can talk and exercise at the same time and I’m really hoping that it’s working okay, I did test it about five times, but hopefully you’re not hearing every single noise that’s happening because that could get quite annoying.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

Calisthenics Workout

It’s going to take your hands over to the left and just sit a little bit more into your right hip, so you should feel a nice big stretch. All the way down your lat on your right side, take a nice deep breath and breathe out nice work and switch over to the right side. Sit back into your left, hip nice, deep breath in and out all right sit up nice and slowly we’re going to bring our right leg forward into a low lunge. You want your knee to be over your ankle, I’m just going to sink into that one! You don’t have to do anything too crazy here, we’re just going to again be quite passive, just feel the stretch down the left, hip, flexor, so the front of your hip there.

You should feel it nice work and, from there you’re just going to sit back onto that left knee and bring your toes up on your right foot, I’m not very flexible with my hamstrings at all so from here. This is basically my limit at the moment, especially with my back injury, so you’re going to bend over that, but try to keep your torso nice and straight so that you’ll feel that stretch down the back of your leg and just go to where it’s comfortable awesome Work, let’s switch legs and bring that left leg forward. Nice big stride sink in you can just lean on your knee here.

That’s absolutely fine, nice, deep breath and out good job and we’re just going to sit back onto that one bring those toes up towards the ceiling and then just lean forward in a nice straight back to wherever is comfortable. Is this shocking? This is shocking right. My injury is definitely getting better, but it’s still very, very present, which is a little bit frustrating, and that is you done. I hope that you enjoyed this workout.

You guys absolutely killed it. Don’t forget to come back, keep progressing slowly through those progressions. You will get better in a really short amount of time and again don’t forget to make the training your own. Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you guys in the next video.  Join a local fitness center like Orange Theory Fitness

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better
Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

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