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Leg Day Workout

Leg Day Workout Video – Okay team it’s leg day workout and today we’re working on the lower body strength. We’ve got a series of different exercises: we’re going to power through three sets of each one before moving on to the next to really make sure you’re feeling the burn we’re using heavier weights. Today so go grab. Yours challenge yourself and get ready we’re starting right now on the dance floor – Leg Day Workout!

Leg Day Workout - Video 2

Leg Day Workout

Nice work your leg day Workout is complete.

We did a number on those legs today. So make sure you take some extra time to stretch if you need it and cool down. If you haven’t already hit that subscribe button before you head off and then enjoy the rest of your day, I’ll see you guys at the next workout video.

Leg Day Workout Video – Today is leg day, so it’s going to be a full leg day workout vlog, the last few ones you guys were like there’s not enough training, there’s no workout in the sandwich video. So today, full leg day workout, I’m going to try and squat today, because I’m trying to not be a get huge legs again. We have Mr Grant behind the camera. You guys may know him from Ann’s vlogs so he’s taking over today.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

So I can get some footage up before I travel this weekend because I’m going to Aspen for a week down is down there right now me and Jansen are going we’re going to be snowboarding and ripping the hills. So hopefully I can get some footage of that. But we don’t have a Grant or Calvin or Scott coming so probably not a whole lot, but for now it’s telling huge likes.  First though – leg day workout.

Like I said last week I swatted the first time I’d squatted in six months. Maybe it had been a while, but I still was hack, squatting and all that jazz. So I still had some decent strengths in me, but I’m going to be trying to keep those in my routine for a while now, at least until I’m dead, lifting or doing something every week, but we’re going to get in there try and beat whatever.

Focus on Your Legs – Leg Day Workout

I did. Last week, which I think was four plates for 11 reps, so I got to get 12 reps and that’s the day so in the change drinking a pre-workout get over there get after it all right here we are revive gym leg day workout still trying to muster up The energy the life inside of me, bringing it out of myself because I got a squat. I got ta warm up. I got some old man knees.  Why I need the leg day workout.

I got older man hips, but we’re going to make will work. I haven’t even seen this but heads up what you haven’t seen it yourself. I haven’t seen it on myself. I just put it on.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

We just had these printed today, freshly off the press drop in first week of February. We did a whole redesign of savage, so hopefully you guys liked it. You like the old one, but now you can still rock the savage teeth. It’s a different design.

I don’t know, I think it’s sick. It reminds me of like old school, like skater, vibes or something. This is the skater boy, see you later boy look up a good leg. There old man knees.

I got some serious old man knees ever since I took time off training it honestly got worse. Rest does not help your joints just make you tighten up even more so I need a lot of warm up on my quads hamstrings everything and then we’re going to get in the back little dungeon and get under the squat bar ew. I’m worse. I get it worse, I’m his brother, I guess we’re not warming up.

My Hamstrings – Leg Day Workout

My hamstrings just go outside and clean it up very nicely. Yeah. I cleaned up your nasty flash off that thing I was trying to use it.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

I’m just coming for my hair, you’re filthy, so laid back. It looks a little better. I don’t get pumps anymore, it just burns which kind of feels good. I guess I just cleaned that you put your crotch right where my face goes.

If you crouch and said ass, when this time wow, I guess I’m not doing hamstrings today see other people put their faces there too. You know the whole gym is just watching and disgust. Hopefully we lose some membership and it won’t be as busy sorry but too busy.

This machine’s a little bit too light the full stack. So, instead of just doing like 20 reps, I do 20 reps and then I go back to like I started with go to failure, and I do it twice so do like three sets in one, not a drop set but like a rest pause. The rest is like whatever, however long the other leg takes yeah, it doesn’t feel great.

No, it feels great, but it does now you get to put your face where ian just had his I’m not using that machine. Wait till they’re done this guy, not the nice guy. You think he is oh, that’s almost worse to lay on at least it’s not your ass.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

Do you want to give that a couple? Are you going to sit on it now? Oh not on the new t-shirt that looks like I’m sweating that looks like I’m working. They ended up pretending to sweat. Well, it’s just really wet. Ever since I tore my right hamstring, it hurts and it cramps a lot, but it like built my mind, muscle connection.

For some reason I felt the tear I felt the muscle and it somehow translated to the other leg when I trained hamstrings now they contract so hard. It’s like they’re cramping, so pro tip. Don’t try this at home. Tear your hamstring.

If you can’t feel them, it works time to enter the the dungeon layer, see if these knees and hips can handle some squats today. So I have some good news. Actually, I didn’t share this yet yesterday me and Courtney went to a surgeon to see if I needed hernia surgery and the good news is, he said I don’t.

My Hernia – Leg Day Workout

My hernia is like really small right now, it’s in my belly button, which has a natural hole already. So he said he would have honestly had to make the hole bigger close it fully. So he’s like you, don’t need it right now. If it gets worse, it’ll get worse, but surgery wouldn’t help it.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

It would have gotten worse anyways. So good news. No! No! I almost did no shoulder surgery, that’s like foreshadowing in the future, no knock on wood, my shoulder’s still up, but the hernia doesn’t need surgery. So one surgery avoided.

It’s been a while, since you squat, when it actually hurts your traps, to put it on, I’m not going to use the pad. I will not use the pad, so I’m not going to kind of hurt. My traps a bit.

It’s right there, that’s a thick pad too yeah. The big girl didn’t happen only off camera. Do I use that? It keeps me humble two times two times. Oh, it’s not updated.

I haven’t updated one, but it’s on the wall. I got two of these. So again, it’s the memories. You know oh yeah, remember where you started.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

Like WD40 on the Knees – Leg Day Workout

Hmm, I felt like what four place felt like last week. There we go put the wd40 on the knees you’re all good, they’re extra loose though so they don’t actually help me that much too easily. I get them on yeah just to keep you a little warm okay.

People do always ask me, though, when to wear sleeves. Why wear new sleeves personally, I’m old, I have old man knees, so I just wear them for injury prevention when I go heavy, but I personally like to warm up like you saw here up until one or two sets before my working set I’ll, wear no sleeves And that’s just so: I’m not completely dependent on them. I still got a little bit of completely free like weight on my knee and then when I start to go heavier especially now that I’m getting back into squats.

I throw the sleeves on and I wear really loose ones more, just to keep my knee a little supportive and warm. So I don’t it up so injury prevention always important. I put too much pressure on myself to hit.

Well pressure is a privilege. People always ask so hmm uh, I lost track 14. Oh, I think I definitely did it 14.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

I lost track. I was either out of it or? Definitely the song choice. Huh! You can’t go wrong with some priestess. I can’t even talk 160.

Oh, my god, that’s my fan. Rep 4, my heart rate’s, just like spiking, just keep going. Don’t stop! That’s like for me the biggest thing my heart rate shoots up when I trade, unless I’m like.

What’s that quite in shape, yeah, like in all season shape, it’s still my muscular endurance being able to push so my heart rate going that high, because now I’m fried right now, whereas normally I would be able to do that. Keep my heart rate like just over 100, what the but not right! We still did it all right. So my method, right now of training, is I murder myself for one set and the second set is I try and do the same way, some sort of uh deload, if you will and just because my body still isn’t used to like a lot of stress or Stimulus, this is just my like third leg, workout back, where I’m actually training properly like this, but like third good one.

Don’t Fry the System – Leg Day Workout

So, instead of completely frying my system, I’m trying to get the most out of the least so my body’s still going to be growing because it’s more stress than I’m used to and I’m not kind of hurting myself in the process. So hopefully I’ll get like 8 to 10 on this one and then go do something shitty like bulgarian split squats or something uh foreign pushing nearly as hard, but my head is still spinning. What’s that heart rate at it fire, that’s why I got ta practice. My meditation, I don’t know I’ve been calling Bulgarians but squats dreaded, but I don’t even hate them that much.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

I just feel like social media has like a stigma of hating them, but they’re really not that bad and they’re great for building outer quad glute combo. Like my glutes get fired on these, that’s how you build that, like big back shot with like tight glute creations, that’ll build that booty. That’s the first time I picked the dumbbell up over 100 pounds in a while watch your toes yeah, it’s dangerous! I need steeltoed socks, let’s go to the gym that just burned through the whole leg and there’s still another one to go.

I guess this is why people hate Bulgarians eh yeah, because you die after one and then you still have to do it again. You’re too lazy to even stand up just fall back into the chair. Gas starts to drink burn on empty. You run it on empty.

I need an e85 tune. I fill up. Oh the heat of the moment drops it just felt right, uh right back down. Still a lot of volume for me right now, so pretty much that’s a wrap on this, like I keep reiterating as I’m like re, constituting re, adding.

What am I looking for, whatever putting back in training intensity, keeping my set volume low? So I’m only doing two working sets right now reintegrate. It’s a good word grant needs to stick around more reintegrate, I’m putting in less set volume. So I’m only doing two working sets thrown on a drop set. If I feel like I could do more move on to the next exercise caller today, so we’re going to do hamstring.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

Girls now, plus calves, we’re done moving on to my favorite hamstring, curl machine. That has ever been created the precore precor, if you’re a gym owner, please buy one, because if I visit I would love to use it, but this is the holy grail of hamstring machine. So currently I’m doing like a bro split.

Body Part Days – Leg Day Workout

So you guys know what that is trading one body part a day, cycling, seven day, split two days off, but normally I do hamstrings and a leg day workout, and I can’t even explain what I normally do, but I’m going to switch back to that soon. Just I was getting back into training. I did grossly so right now, I’m doing calves once a week, but normally I do it twice when I have two like this, but still I like to alternate the standing calf raise, I’m losing my mind right now and the seated cap rate alternating weeks.

I don’t do them in the same workout I’ll, just destroy it for like four to six sets and then do the other one the next week and I finally get to a good balance in my category. So I don’t know anecdotal evidence that it worked is hmm, so that would burn the hamstrings triple double double drop: hey Scott! I’m on the show. For today are you yep Maddie, with our chauffeur here he’s just bombing rides, yeah pun intended got him my car’s ready.

Already, but so it was like in idle, it was like. The engine was like revving, even on idle, so that he had to like adjust some. He thought I had a vacuum leak, but but now it’s in west palm, but I don’t want to go to the west palm, so I think I’m trying to leave it there until I get back from because I’m on the way home, that’s responsible.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

Just it’s in a side street back a little area, you know yeah, some photographer is going to find it yeah in that shop. There are two r34s. So if someone’s stealing something they’re not going to take mine, I realize I’ve got to work on my leg day workout.

Never! I never speak about my beloved gtr, you know, people know I have it and they love it, but I just got it down here in Florida and it was a shop that works, especially with jdm cars, so I brought it to them and they did a tune On it did an e85 tune. I have a flex fuel kit injectors. I have already have the full catback exhaust downpipes and everything.

So it’s pushing pretty good right now. I i told him to dyno it right now because he was fixing the tune. I don’t know if he did the guy’s kind of he’s really smart, but he’s a little doesn’t speak English that well sometimes so either way the car is really fast.

Leg Day Workout

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

I think I’m going to have to find like an empty plot of land or something and just go rip it for a video, because it’s pretty fun to drive right now. Okay, I don’t understand that training cabs isn’t like as genetic as people think everyone just does it at the end of their workout and they do like. Oh, I’m going to finish legs with some little bit of calves.

You know you actually have to train calf like you’re, squatting or quad. Extensions should be the same intensity and 99 of the time your cows will grow, may not be huge, but they’ll grow all right, kiddos the wrap on today’s workout. That’s the first full real leg day workout I’ve posted on youtube in a long time.

This is like the foreshadowing message: symbolism whatever you might want to call it then I’m! Finally, getting back on my legs are going up getting stronger squatting every week. What’s the other thing? I’ve been doing barbell rowing. I want to start dead lifting getting back into all the trying, a huge trinket strong chase after the fourth olympia title. I think I have 11 months to go right now, so still going to be one of the longest offseasons I have, but that just means time to make the most improvements I’ve ever made.

So I’m going to get home probably eat some pasta right now, because I’m starving late then head to aspen this weekend. So hopefully I can get some footage down there hit rip in the hill. If not, then uh the thing with snowboarding and filming that I need someone as good as me to film, following which normally you don’t have you’re a good snowboarder yeah, I’m okay, I can tread down a black diamond.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

I can’t do like back flips and okay. So I’m close so we’re going to have fun this week, come back, lock it down and get back to work. So thank you guys for watching I’ll catch you in the next one.  Join a local gym – Try Anytime Fitness

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

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