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Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment – Knowing what are basic exercise equipment needed to get started in your new exercise routine has a lot to do with where and when you are going to exercise.  Exercise Equipment – Getting Started

In a world of social media and mass awareness, the obesity epidemic and the exponential increase in early-onset morbidity can no longer go unnoticed. Nowadays, people acknowledge this and want to prevent it from happening. However, even after selecting a fitness routine, people often find difficulty starting. This multi-factorial phenomenon ranges from a lack of knowledge about the exercise equipment to anxiety associated with entering the gym.

Despite the presence of many obstacles, they are still surmountable. Proper research is required to adjust to this new change in one’s life.  More and more people, during Covid times, took up working out from the home to maintain a healthier life. Now, to decide which tool is necessary for your regimen and which you can skip to avoid a dent in your wallet, a contrast and comparison need to be introduced between the variety, type, and cost of tools.

Stretch & Exercise Bands – Exercise Equipment – Lose Weight – Stay Fit

Stretch out & Resistance bands
Utility: Stretching, resistance training
Availability: Amazon & other workout stores.
Cost Benefit: $

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

Although ‘stretching’ is the integral starting point of every exercise regimen to prevent injuries, overstretching can create unwanted problems. To prevent overstretch-associated injuries, stretch-out straps and resistance bands are available. They allow better control, better grip, and reach. These resistance exercises may be concentric or eccentric.

A randomized controlled trial sought patients with osteoarthritis to be divided equally into three groups; one with eccentric resistance training, one with concentric training, and a no-exercise control group. It concluded that both training techniques are well tolerated and are involved in an effective increase in leg strength. The improvement in knee extension and flexion is irrespective of the type of contraction.

Therefore, exercises with resistance bands are a good option for beginners. The mode of required contraction is according to an individual’s preference, goals, tolerance to the contraction type, and equipment availability.

Running Shoes – Exercise Equipment – Lose Weight – Stay Fit

Running Shoes
Utility: Endurance for cardio, HIIT, CrossFit
Availability: Amazon, shoe merchandise
Cost Benefit: $$

Running shoes are considered a staple for every exercise regimen benefitting runners and athletes. They are a must-have when starting. Preventing injuries, especially ankle injuries and damage to foot soles, they aim to provide steady balance during workouts. Even on their own, they often serve as motivation to maintain an active life. Since running shoes can be used indoors for treadmills and outdoors for jogging, they contribute to cardiorespiratory fitness.

Treadmills – Exercise Equipment – Lose Weight – Stay Fit

Utility: Endurance training for cardio, HIIT
Availability: Amazon, workout shops, gym
Cost-benefit: $$$

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

Another exercise equipment that is very popular among all and sundry is treadmills because of multiple reasons. First of all, it is relatively easy equipment to use. The mechanism of a treadmill is simple. It has a predictable surface that remains stationary, unlike going on runs that increase the risk of tripping and injuries.

Moreover, a treadmill workout is under the user’s control. The user can adjust the speed, incline, warm-up period, cool-down period, and energy spent. One can also modify their wrought regimen according to a treadmill and its settings. Using treadmills is also convenient in this fast-paced world as it helps one multitask. Other than the social advantages, the medical benefits of treadmills are also extensively researched.

A randomized clinical trial analyzed the effects of high-intensity treadmill training on motor symptoms in individuals with Parkinson’s disease. It found that these high-intensity workouts are feasible in patients with de novo Parkinson’s disease and are advised HITT without the fear of anticipated adverse musculoskeletal events.

Bike Peddlers – Exercise Equipment – Lose weight – Stay Fit

Bike Peddlers and Under-Desk Elliptical
Utility: Endurance training
Availability: Amazon
Cost Benefit: $$

Similar to a treadmill, bike peddlers and under-desk ellipticals help with the intense rebound associated with treadmills. Moreover, these pieces of equipment take up less space and require relatively less maintenance. The under-desk peddlers are designed for multitasking while simultaneously ensuring mobility in individuals who spend their days sitting.

Weights – Exercise Equipment – Lose Weight – Stay Fit

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

Utility: Strength training for building muscle mass
Availability: Amazon, workout shops, gym
Cost Benefit: $$

When thinking of the word “exercise,” weight lifting is what immediately comes to mind. There is a traditional association between working out and lifting weights or doing push-ups and pull-ups. Weightlifting training (WLT) improves strength, power, and speed among athletes. Weights are available and accessible in the physical health market, and so are pull-up bars.

These exercises play a critical role in the increase in both the size and number of muscle fibers. They also increase the cardiovascular status of an individual by increasing blood flow and burning calories. A systematic review/ meta-analysis analyzed and compared the advantages of Weightlifting to that of Traditional Resistance Training (TRT) and plyometric.

It concluded that weightlifting is the training of choice if the aim is to increase strength and power. However, weightlifting equipment should be carefully selected and used under supervision because the associated muscle tears and injuries with these types of equipment are also very high.

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

Yoga & Pilates Mats – Exercise Equipment

Yoga & Pilates Mats
Utility: Stretching, flexibility, balance, core strength
Availability: Amazon, workout stores, dedicated yoga classes
Cost Benefit: $

For people who prefer the comfort of their own home, yoga and Pilates has been indicated in several studies to improve overall health. Friction mats reduce the chances of slipping injuries and center one’s focus during these exercises. Readily available, these mats are easy to carry indoors and outdoors, providing ease of use and convenience.

In conclusion, exercising is an easily malleable task adjusted according to an individual’s/ goals, schedule, and respective illnesses. Proper research can help in coming up with the most suitable yet most efficient regimen. The stores have all the home exercise equipment ranging from expert-level weights to treadmills and cycles to simple yoga mats and resistance bands. The individual has to be in touch with their needs to decide the type of equipment they want effectively.  Looking for a fitness gym? Try Jazzercise!

Lose Weight Stay Fit - Feel Better

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